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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is Why I Can't Play

I sold 4 of Isle of Swords today, making the count now 12 for the month. *ahem* It's not like I believe in the story or like the author or anything. Noooo.

Okay ;) It helped a tad that they were signed copies.

I had a good walk tonight after I got home, worked a little on Mynasthoa's home world and am now trying to find a good name for it. I'm keeping on with these baby steps, mainly because I can't go any further along with the plot till I get the next 'scene' set. Yeah yeah tremble and be mightily afraid, the plot driven writer is learning to draw maps.

1 comment:

Pais Charos said...

Hehe...I'm a character driven writer, and I'm learning about maps, too. Wish I had more time, though...

I need to create my world more for a book I started writing for last year's NaNo. I have a name, the name for God, and a few particulars, but that's it. I'm forcing myself to not do ANYTHING plot or character-wise (I can write out a history for a particular character in no time...), until I've developed Emtia (the name of the world) more.

Once Emtia has more to it, I plan on using the Snowflake model for my novel. I've got a little over 20K words written so far but a lot needs changing, and that won't happen until I have a substantial foundation (aka - my world).

Wow...gotta love pep talks to yourself, eh?

Have fun Scribe!

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