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Two Book Give Away--Contest Ends 10/15/09
Winner Announced: Kayla! See post below for full details!


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Contest! 2-Book Give away!

Everyone who has read The Door Within knows how powerful the story can be to someone who is hurting.

Everyone who has read Isle of Swords understands how encouraging the tale can be when you feel lost, and "all at sea" in life.

Earlier today I had decided to run a contest where you could win a book for a friend, but nothing for yourself. My friends at work thought that was a little on the stingy side, and they stepped in! They said it wasn't right that the person entering didn't get a book too, and decided to sponsor the contest! So now the prize is a book for your friend, and a book for you.

To enter, you still need to go to the comment section and in 100 words or less, you need to tell us why a friend of yours (a friend that you know in real life, no on-line buddies, as cool as they can be) should get one of Wayne's books.

Helmet, box, and inkwell not included in prize, sorry guys.

The contest will run from September 17th to October 11th 2009. This gives me time to notify the winner and get the book to m'lord Batson to sign on the 17th. After the launch party, I'll take the books to the post office and pop them in the mail!

1.)If you are under 18 years old, get your parents permission before starting this contest.

2.) You must also be a legal resident of the United States or Canada to participate. (sorry guys, I can't afford to send it over seas)

4,) You can only nominate ONE FRIEND. So in other words ONE entry per person.

5.) Multiple submissions by the same person will be disqualified.

6.) I (Michelle Black) am not affiliated with Thomas Nelson, Wayne Thomas Batson, or The Door Within in any way.

7.) I (Michelle Black) am in no way responsible for lost, misdirected mail, or for damage in shipping of the prize to your house.

All right guys, get thinking, get typing! You've got just under a month to go all out, like Jonathan did for David, and win you and your friend signed copies of Wayne's books.


Barie-ah Hue-en-la said...

I shall be the first to nominate someone.
I am nominating my friend Gillian. She claims to be Christian, but really has no idea what that means. She has not picked up a Bible in her whole life and has not been to church since she was only two years old. She has been very badly influenced by books like Twilight. She often uses the Lord's name in vain and the only time I managed to stop her was when I convinced her to read a Christian book. If she read another good Christian book, that might just be the jumpstart I need to help her get back on track with her life.

I bet that was more than 100 words, lol. Sorry.

Kayla said...

I’m nominating my camper (who I consider my friend) Tayshia. This last winter she lost her dad in an accident and things at home are really hard for her. She was close to her dad and her mom isn’t really interested with connecting with her. She is bullied by her siblings and pretty much feels alone in the world. She has some Christian influences in her life, but it’s still difficult. I want her to understand that she’s never alone, and that there is someone who cares for her so much even when it feels like no one is there.

Israle Surrnak said...

I am nominating my friend David, I am not sure if he is a christian or not, but if he isn't I think that The Door Within would really help him.

Barie-ah Hue-en-la said...

Will I be disqualified if I went five words over?

B. D. Eastman said...

I've already got his books, but thanks for doing the contest that is so awesome. Everyone loves free books! If the world needs anything it's more free books. I'll be giving away the Hunter Brown books by The Miller Brothers beginning next week! WOOT!

everlastingscribe said...

No Barie :-D No disqualification for going over the 100 words. I just want everyone to try and keep it to that. You're fine

everlastingscribe said...

B.D. Eastman--

You could always enter and give BOTH books away to a friend. ;) And you're right, the world needs more free books!

I was bummed that the Miller Brother's second book got pushed back for retailers. It was suppose to release on 9/9/09 and got pushed back to 9/29/09.

Millardthemk said...

Hi, I'd like to nominate my older brother *. He has gone through alot in the last 5-6yrs being extremely sick. Yet all the time he has been an example of living for christ to me:|. He is in his 20's yet has a brain injury right now so he can't live on his own. He loves WTB's books and even tried the contest, unfourtionitly his brain couldn't handle it. (We hope and expect a full recovery). He has been an incredible comfort to me after watching what *'s going through it makes me just think"wow my problems are not that important". I know * would be thrilled for a signed book. Reading is one of the few things * can do right now. He has also incouraged me strongly in my video game choices for the best, we've kind of taken a stand against FPS and he's encouraged me as all my friends play. Thats why I think * should get the book. Srry if this is over 100 words.:( He's the best brother EVER.

Millardthemk said...

Oops srry just saw how long it was...My bad

everlastingscribe said...

It's okay, Millard. I'm not going to take anyone out of the running for going over. Just try and keep it short. :-D I promise

everlastingscribe said...

No Barie :-D No disqualification for going over the 100 words. I just want everyone to try and keep it to that. You're fine

Millardthemk said...

THANKS Scribe I just wasn't sure how I could get it shorter. I love book givaways...Is there a way I can tip things in my favor? Bribes, presents, an excellent review? Perhaps a job in a rival book store:|.
:P Millardthemk

Noah said...

Does this contest include The Curse of the Spider King when it comes out?

Barie-ah Hue-en-la said...

Oh, good. I would hate to disqualify my friend. I mean, seriously, books are her LIFE, it is all she cares about. I would hate for five words to take away her chance of getting another book.
Hey Millard, no bribes! Belive you mean, if she allows bribing I am going to win. I am very good at bribing, lol.

everlastingscribe said...

Well, Noah, THIS contest of for the first book in Wayne Thomas Baton's two completed series. You get one copy of The Door Within and one copy of Isle of Swords, signed to you and to your friend, or both to your friend. But one is definitely suppose to be for someone who is not you. :)

To answer Barie and Millard, nope, I'm not bribe-able. :-D Be glad of that.

Now, back to the other question of Noah's.


-closer to the signing there's going to be something given away here-


I'm not suppose to rat myself out.




Chris said...

I love your blog, but I don't really know anyone I could nominate...

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