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Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Small Victory

Today I finished the card return.

That small sentence does not do justice to the menace and mess which consumed my life for the past four days. Picture flipping over cards and matching the five digit skew number with one on a returns list. Now picture doing that when you have a issue with reversing digits and letters and knowing you have to check it three times to be sure. Add to that there is no order to the cards, and that where you think there might be order from the person handling it before it became your project, there is nothing but pockets of chaos.

That has been my life, 8 hours a day, for the past four days.

My kisses from Christ for today were another sale of "The Restorer" (yay another customer hooked up with a good read) a sale of "Crime Scene Jerusalem" by Alton Gansky (one of my favorites) and talking with three favorite customers. I also got to tell two customers about Isle of Swords. Down side? I got yelled at by a customer because I wouldn't let them return something they'd bought two months ago (return policy is within 30 days) *Sigh* such is retail. At least they didn't throw the thing at me like last time.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Making Art and Progress on Writing

Between doing this, and having fun tormenting one of my 'made on a dare' characters today, I've had fun. And I've needed it because the stress at work as been through the roof with this card return. ;) Check it out.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Long, Painful Day with Three Kisses from Christ

My shoulder is killing me (yes Dave with leetle tiny daggers or more like leetle tiny red hot pokers) but it's better than it was and my neck is also better than it was. That accident 3 years ago is still dogging me, I walked away from a totaled car but my poor spine and neck are paying the price. it was rough all day at work, I got maybe three hours of sleep last night (due to leetle tiny archers firing leetle tiny arrows into my neck and shoulder) because I would move in my sleep and then HURT and wake up. I had a rather unpleasant morning at the chiropractors (it ruddy hurt) and then got lost on the way to work (I don't normally drive that way) and arrived a half an hour late as well as starving because I'd had no breakfast and no lunch.

Sounds like a lovely day, doesn't it?

But it did get better. First, I sold The Door Within hard cover to a woman who had heard Wayne on WRBS this week (always cool to have them come in and tell us where they heard about the book) and I actually talked her into the HC because right now they are the same price as the papebacks at my store and that one was signed. So, her son will get the hard cover SIGNED edition for the same price that he would have gotten the paperback UNSIGNED one.

That made me happy.

Then, after some Tylenol(TM) and some A&W (TM)Root beer I was talking to a young lady who is a friend of mine and we caught up on what was going on with one another and I felt like with all that she'd gone through that week the Lord was just asking me to give her a treat. So, knowing her tastes I picked up a copy of The Restorer by Sharon Hinck and bought it for her. She nearly cried, and hugged me and said that she didn't come in the store to just say hi and complain and let me buy things for her (at Christmas she was going through a rough time I bought her The Door Within) which she told me she loved this time. I know that when I am hurting, and I want to withdraw from everyone, even those that love me best, I often find solace in reading Christian fantasy. It's like Christ follows me into the story, I can't explain it any other way, and He comforts me through the words of the author.

Tonight, I found out that I'm not the only one that feels that way.

So, those are my three kisses from Christ today.

He used me to introduce another reader to The Door Within and gave me the recall and wherewithal to make sure that she got the best deal for her money despite the pain and Tylenol swimming around in my head, He nudged me to share a book I adore with someone else who just needed a treat from His hand, and again He used me, and then He turns that around and has me find out that I'm not alone in being comforted with books and fantasy when I hurt.

I can't think of a better day.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am so much pain right now.

Something happened today that pressed something out of alignment in my neck, and I physically have been crying when I move wrong. Please pray that the chiropractor can see me tomorrow. I can't function like this.

My Aunt is HERE

Three things and then I'm off to sleep perchance to dream:

1) Parking garages in old parts of town should be outlawed, or have Hollywood film crews in them location shooting they are so wretched and creepy.

2) Airports make me melancholy

3) My favorite aunt is here, and for such a short time it's not fair.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Another Art Minute

Because today was really as bad as they come stress wise. And I'm going to be better than usual and leave it at that. Look, I found a use for the tiny brads I've been hoarding! I think the wing would have looked less like meat if I used a different color, but I had such success with the red on the bead. . .ah well

There it is, all folded up on itself and the wing looking like a side of meat. Kinda. And. . .

There it is all unfolded and the telescope visible with the cool writing now able to be seen. Don't strain your eyes, it's stamp writing meaning that it's suppose to look vaguely like something hand written. Think 'loren ipsum'.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another Work in Progress

Another work in progress! I think that I'm frustraited because I can't write at the moment. Not that I don't want to, I can't, as in I don't have time. *blah* This took all of five minutes by the way, I'm in the process of cleaning up my writing area and was taking a 'sanity break'. This is what I call 'tactile art' because it's so touch friendly and inviting and there are so many different layers. There's the ink from the stamps, the texture of the paper, the feel of the ribbon, and the texture of the bead (which is smooth with imprinted letters) to been seen and felt. Anyway, it was a small art minute, and each and every one of you out there can do the same (take art minutes) and create something. Don't buy into the hype that artists are a select part of the populace. That is twaddle created by the artists (I know, I go to the meetings) you can create art and not be a professional artist. Just go out and have fun!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


It's been a while since I had that much fun in a paper store, I got two really awesome stamps (ink and paper stamps not collecting stamps) that remind me of Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches and a fist full of word beads as well as a couple of things for Mom, and some sealing wax. I can't be without sealing wax. Also picked up Donita Paul's Dragon Fire since it came in at work, and have read 3/4ths of my advanced copy of Isle of Swords. Soon as I'm done I'll be putting reviews up places and one here too.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kindred in Pain

I've tried twice to post this, and neither one was quite right, but you know the saying, third time's the charm.

After all the hard work on Saturday, I was seriously ready to be a slug on Sunday, all day. I had a couch to bond with, pictures to edit, movies to watch. But I also had a promise to keep to a friend who couldn't make it to the signing on Saturday. He's younger than I am, just the right age to be an adopted little brother, and he's the actual younger brother of a good friend of mine. I've conscripted him before at Wayne's signings to fetch and carry, play the part of a fan (not a stretch because he is one) and to clean up after ward. So when he called and was bitterly disappointed at missing the signing on Saturday I promised to take him to the next one on Sunday. And there went my couch potato day. I got all ready and headed out to his house (roughly a half an hour away) and picked him up along with one of his friends that wanted to come too. We had a fine time driving down, discussing RAMPAGE(TM) and which of the three monsters is the best to use when destroying the city scape as well as what we thought the next development of game console there would be and debated too which of the MYST(TM) games and which of the ZELDA(TM) games were the best. When we got to the Barnes and Noble and walked in, both holding the doors for me, we saw the authors right away.

They were set to the right of the doors as you walked in at an L shaped table and my RentedBrother saw Wayne right away and for a moment got shy and then as Wayne saw him too and called for him to come over the shyness went away. It might have been Wayne's far too cool Ranger sword that broke the ice as well, but both boys went over and said hello amid the press of the other people there and I got pictures of them with Wayne, and then stood back and let them talk to all of the authors and giddily collect bookmarks. Wayne signed one for them, as I had been expressly told that I wasn't to buy either of them a book.

One wasn't a 'reader' and the other didn't need to be spoiled. So, I let them collect signatures on the back of bookmarks and talk to Christopher Hopper and then told them that I needed to go look for Timothy Zahn's book Dragon and Judge which I did, but I also wanted to get them away from the press of the crowd for a minute and do some investigation into this 'not a reader' idea and this 'doesn't need to be spoiled' one as well. The friend of my rented little brother started to look at other 'kid' books and 'teen' as well (that's where I usually find Zahn's Dragon and " series) and started telling me about them.

I watched his face as he outlined the books, listen to him stutter slightly in excitement as he flipped the book open and pointed out that there were really cool facts in the place after the story was over and saw his excitement as he realized there was another book out in the series. He went on, touching the spines of the books he'd all ready read, and telling me how he loved going to the library and seeing if there were any new ones he'd not read yet. I could feel something knotting inside me. Not a reader? Someone had gotten their facts wrong. He went on to tell me how he'd finished Wayne's first book, checking it out from the library a couple of times to get through it.

So, he wasn't a fast reader. But the love of stories was etched in every line of his face, in the expressive way he sketched out the actions of the characters with his hands, and the sound of his words tumbling over one another, racing to get out. The feeling inside me knotted tighter, and I took a long deep breath, asking my rented little brother what was his favorite thing about The Door Within to buy some more time.

Anger was souring my tongue, anger at being told that this friend wasn't a reader, anger at the fact that here was this young fantasy fan running through books at the library, but no one had picked up on the fact that he'd like to have some of his own. Because they didn't see a reader, they saw someone struggling to read.

I knew what that was like to be mis-labeled when it came to reading.

When I was in the third grade and in public school I was placed in remedial reading. I can still remember the snickers and snide comments that my class mates made. But the real kicker came when Mom and Dad (not believing this) had me independently evaluated. Turns out that in the third grade I was reading on an eighth grade level. I did however have a learning disability but it wasn't one that was getting in the way of my understanding, it just made me read slower. While the school was highly embarrassed and immediately switched me to the advanced reading group, the damage was done and the label of 'stupid' that I was given stuck all the way till I was pulled out of public school in the sixth grade and home schooled.

If I could peel the label off someone else, or even loosen it, I had decided that I would. And here was the opportunity.

"Guys" I said, pulling them back from the The Door Within discussion they had started "How would you like to get a book signed today?"

Eyes got as wide as saucers, and my rented brother protested that he'd been warned not to let me buy him anything. And so did his friend. I promptly pointed out that coming to a book signing and not getting a book was like going to a pizza place and not getting anything to eat. In other words, cruel and unusual punishment.

Having settled that I would explain to both their parents why they came home with books, we went back to the table and they picked out the one they wanted (Christopher Hopper's Rise of the Dibor) and they got their copies signed, and took some more pictures and finally we headed back to their house.

I can't express here how sweet it was to hear them reading to each other during the trip back, fumbling through the pronunciation guide, hearing them decide to read chapter one together that night, and to hear the 'not a reader' go "Books are so much better than movies! Books are awesome because you see the story in your head!" I can't express here how the knot inside me untwisted and relaxed at those boyish, happy words. I can tell you, but the telling is a vague shadow to the real thing.

Sunday was a great gift, because with Christ's help I was able to bend the bars a little and let someone else trapped inside the wrong label, squeeze out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Right, well here are a third of the pictures taken, the others I haven't edited yet, but there are some real nice ones in here. Take a look:

Fantasy Four Fiction Tour At His Way

And if you're interested, here's George Bryan Polivka and his first signing with us:

Legend of the Fire Fish


Oh yes, I did want to mention that I also got a cool poster from Christopher Hopper (limited edition no less!) that is now settled happily under the plastic protector of my writing desk! Now when I'm there writing, I can look down and remember to pray for him and his lovely wife and the work of their hands. They left some of their CD's too for staff to listen to and for the music buyer to hear, I'd love to carry their CD's but that's his call.

Sharon gave me a "Becky Miller" Survivor pack, a.k.a. devotion in a bag, which I have yet to get into but I'm looking foreword to pulling apart and seeing just how paper clips and candy fit into the devotion!

Wayne wrote some lovely things in my books, they all did really but he always encourages me ''back'' as it were. I love having the gift of encouragement, it's how I got the handle when I was in Ireland for a summer as a missionary of "Lady Barnabus", but the down side is that I often find it easier to encourage others and believe in them than I do myself. So, I treasure the encouragement I get from others.

Bryan Davis had lovely posters with him, they are so crisp and clean and the art is from his books (art which by the way as far as I can tell is actually created FOR the books rather than being photo collaged together) and he graciously signed some so each store can hang them up and remember the event! That'll go up beside the signed poster from Skillet in the break room thank you very much. I'll get frames for em if I can find some to fit.

So not only did I have my copies of the author's books signed, I got so many really neat things from them as well! An embarrassment of riches!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Today I'm afraid I didn't pray as much for the Fantasy Four Fiction Tour as I would have liked, mainly because I was stuck at work with the air conditioning not working at all, and the temperature hovered between 85 and 87 degrees even with two fans going full bore. It was truly the worst eight and a half hours of my time working there. So, I wound up praying for myself most of the day, that I wouldn't kill my co workers, that I wouldn't slaughter the customers, and that I would be professional and composed as well as get work done.

However, enough about today, most of you have been bugging the stuffing out of me about Saturday so here goes.

I rolled into work at four o'clock, with my paper cutter and stack of paper in hand to join my two co workers behind the front counter in the last of the projects. They were working on sticking down the last of the 'follow the swords to the authors' the manager had made and so I set down my things and started chopping up paper. That's how we kept track of people bring in books to be signed, and separated them from the people who were coming in book less and wanted to buy books and have them signed. Those brought in had a piece of decorative paper tucked in their pages, and the bought ones had the receipt taped to the front of the book.

Around 4:45 we switched the music in the player to all instrumental stuff (Sound track to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, followed by Lights of Madrid, followed by the Sound Track to The Last Sin Eater) and made sure that the promo DVD wasn't skipping or being weird as some of the DVD's do when they are in the main player. We blew up balloons, checked to make sure that the endcap signs were in place, checked to make sure that the placards were in place, and then rang up customers. The authors were hopefully due in around 5:45 since the signing was scheduled for 6:00. The clock on the wall ticked to 5:00 and then to 5:15 and then .. .

And then. . .my cell phone rang.

My stomach knotted back on itself as I stared down at the unknown number blinking on the tiny screen. Earlier I'd given Wayne my cell phone number just in case anything happened to delay them, they were coming from quite some distance and that particular stretch of road is just unpredictable at best and at worst, it is quite literally a parking lot.

I ducked into the break room and flipped it open.

Wayne's voice came through nice and bright and crystal clear. But what he said was something I wished I hadn't heard. They were stuck in traffic, and not only stuck in traffic, but stuck in traffic quite a way from us.

There wasn't anything anyone could do, and no one did it on purpose, but when I let the word out that there was going to be a delay, the bone gnawing started. I was in charge of the event, I was the one that had asked, had worked, had pleaded that we be allowed to participate in it and now, the worst possible thing had happened, the stars of the event were delayed. And people, fans, were all ready arriving and all ready irritated that the event was going to be late. They were all ready gnawing.

If it hadn't been for my Mom coming up and laughing at and with me over the delay I would have sat down on the floor and burst into tears. She pointed out with a twinkle in her eye I could either agree with the gnawers, or I could wait with baited breath to see what wonder Christ was going to do.

What I wanted to do was to agree, agree that it was going to be a disaster and that I should never have dreamed of doing something so huge, and that I was a failure and so was the event. It would have been so easy to agree to that, to lay down and allow the chewers just to chew me to bits and be done with it. But along with the giving up part of me roiling around inside, there was something smaller and more determined to bounce up and down on the balls of it's feet, waiting for the King of Glory and the Unexpected, to arrive with His sons and daughters and blow all of my expectations away by doing more than I hoped.

That part of me kept smiling at the irritated and hot fans, kept asking them questions about where they'd come from and who was their favorite, and kept offering them mints and chocolate and reminding them to sign up for the drawing. Mom helped there too, she started introducing people to one another by taking their pictures (I'd asked her to come and shoot the event) and commenting on this one's costume and that one's long journey and all of a sudden these annoyed and disappointed fans began to relax. She pulled the chairs out from where we had them behind the long signing table and people sat down, and started sharing their own tales with one another. How they'd discovered Wayne's books or Bryan's tomes, how they wished Bryan hadn't done this or Wayne hadn't done that with the story. They started reading to one another their favorite parts and talked about how they figured some things out. It didn't matter what age, they were bonding over the stories. It really was marvelous. And a good thing too, because the authors didn't actually arrive till nearly seven o clock. It couldn't be helped but they were almost an hour late.

Oho, but when they did, what an entrance.

Cloaks flowing back from weary shoulders, hands clasping swords, shoes and flip flops and boots clomping along the corridor, they came. Through applause and happy cries they came, laughing and jostling one another and whooping and running right into their waiting fans, they came. They sat down at the table, resting their swords on the back wall on the hooks provided, and got down the business of talking with fans.

I wish I could have lingered around the table and listened, and laughed with them but once they were there, and the signing started, I was pulled in nine or ten different directions. I rang sales up front, I helped people buy books, I answered the phone, and every once in a while I was able to get back to the table to hear something or see something or laugh with someone over something an author had said.

I did get to meet Pais Charos and her nephews who were extremely well behaved and delightful to have about. She made me a lovely bracelet which I am wearing now with my nick-name firmly placed amid blue and purple glass beads. Very striking and handsome. And I made her a 'altered' composition notebook with blue ripped paper and a griffin rampant set in the center. And while we had some time together, it wasn't nearly enough. We'll have to find a way to hang out together when 50 some other people aren't involved.

I did managed to have a few moments with the authors, Christopher Hopper and Sharon Hinck in particular made it a point to leave the table and come and thank me and talk with me for a bit. Poor Wayne and Bryan were absolutely mobbed and were also at the far end of the table where getting out and saying hullo was difficult. However, I did get invited to a 'come and catch your breath and say hullo' thing after ward and I had a lovely time there, when I wasn't 'graying' out from fatigue. And I wasn't even traveling and meeting people like they were!

We sold a lot of books, and had quite a nice turn out there, and I would definitely do it again. Infact, the plan is kinda to do a mini-tour if I can coax Wayne Batson and Brian Polvika to do a 1-2-3 jump from location to location to location in this next signing. Not in one day, though. No, no not in one day.

That's it, that's my take on the event. Oh, but wait, there are 153 photos to be seen as well. That was the real delight of having my Mom there to shoot the event. Some of these are priceless! Here, I'll leave you with this one that I have titled "What have they done with Wayne?!" for a reason. . .

Oh, wait there are these of Sharon that uploaded tonight. *Finally* I'm going to the library tomorrow to load the others. But these are really cool too.

So Tired

The signing went brilliantly---after some small glitches. More tomorrow. :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Onto the Good Stuff

Right, well most if not all of my treasures are now at work, and it looks lovely, it really does. The table is going to be set at the back of the store (I know, I can hear you all gasping in horror) and the reason for this is that it sits right in the line of site when you come in the front door. Now the gifts I made for the authors are all hung. That was an ordeal getting up and down the ladder to see them hung straight, and the tables set and covered and books that were one place moved to another and spinners moved from where they were to somewhere else and all manner of things shifted and changed and made ready for tomorrow (Mom and I went up there at 5:45pm and left at 9:00pm) and I am very tired. But before I go, here is the drawing table, a sneak peak for anyone who pops by here and also a tip off that yes indeed there will be a chance to win all four books by all four authors at the signing tomorrow! Pretty sweet I think and rather nice of my bosses to add that to all the other goodies we have planned.

btw the cloth, the lion, and the chest are all on loan from me. :-D I've got stuff all over the store.

Prayers and Graces Day Six

Oh, today has been hot and tiring. I worked and then when down and set up for tomorrow, and I'll post some picks and details in a minute but I want to post the prayer before I forget. So, here is heart cry number six;

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the safety and success of this tour so far, and ask for your continued blessing on Sharon, Wayne, Christopher and Bryan as they journey through North Carolina to the Barnes & Noble in Charlotte and the Borders in Raleigh. For the staff at both stores I ask for wisdom, show them where to put the authors and how best to arrange the product to induce the most readers to come and investigate what is going on, bring out the fans that have been so touched by the books written, let those that serve in Your name at those stores be awakened to the stirring going on. From heart to heart let it be heard that the Lord is on the move, the King of Glory has come among another realm to take it back and make it what it should have been all along. I ask for strength for those that have to tear down and pack up, and I ask for those that set up that they would have refreshment and a chance to enjoy the spectacle as well as the fans. I ask that you bless the staff and their families, and for those that don't know You I ask that You open up the divine appointments long since scheduled in Your book and make them plain to Bryan, Christopher, Sharon, and Wayne. I ask for Your holy boldness to come and encamp around the authors that they see in each face, one more soul for the kingdom. One more brother or sister, one more piece of inheritance, one more chance to see another lost in Your love. I ask tonight that their sleep be peaceful and their rest deep that they would be held in Your arms and that strange beds wouldn't keep them awake nor noises or thoughts of home and family far away. Overwhelm them with Your love and let them drift into slumber knowing that the God who neither slumbers nor sleeps watches over them, and their families this night.

In the Name of the One who taught the moon where to hide till evening,

my own Jesus,


Thursday, July 12, 2007


So, Christopher's gift needed to have something last minute done, Bryan's had to have another whole piece added and Sharon's needed emergency 'fixing'. You know I really hope that they take these and love them because right now, all I am seeing are the flaws. It is the same way with the dragon shield I painted for Wayne, the Griffin and Dragon shields that were done on commission, and any and all art projects I undertake. After about a month of working on them, all I see are the flaws. Maybe that's why I am compelled to give them away, I can't stand seeing what isn't perfect. I bet seeing your work published is the same way after a while.

If that's so, then that's just something I'll have to bear, I'm not going to quit writing merely because I can see nothing but the flaws in my own work, I'm not going to stop creating either. I wonder, how many authors actually go back and read their own work later on? Do they laugh at the flaws readers don't see? Do they groan over things they wish they could change? Or do they sit back and admire work that took them years to perfect? I don't know, but I am going to have a good go and finding out.

Oh, what were those commissions? Here's the Dragon, the Griffin picks didn't turn out :(

And you know, I still see the flaws in that. *Sigh* The face is wonderful. . .but . ..

Prayers and Graces Day Five

On the road again! The four authors are currently in route to Cedar Springs Christian Store in Knoxville TN. So without further ado, here is heart cry number five;

Heavenly Father I come today before You, weary myself. I want nothing more than to say 'up Abba, up?' and feel Your arms lift me and cradle me against Your chest where I am safe, and wanted, and nothing can harm me. And if I am feeling this way, tired and a little battered spiritually then I know Sharon, Bryan, Christopher and Wayne are so much more so. So today I pray that You would be Abba in a special way to them, that they would know rest, and know that it isn't this tour that makes them all together lovely in Your eyes nor is it their books or how many they introduce to You, but it is simply their own selves that You love. And will never stop loving. I know for myself it can be so easy to talk about You and not talk to You, and to work for You and not spend time with You. I ask today that you call to their hearts to come to the place of safety and secret, and that they would have the chance to spend some time with their Abba.

I ask this also for the staff at Cedar Springs Christian Bookstore to have that, I ask for strength for them today, for them to have more than enough books on hand that they don't face the embarrassment of running out and also Lord that you bring in the customers to their event. I ask again for numbers Lord, let the buyer at that location see that they did the right thing in having the signing, let the staff there rejoice as You connect readers with the authors and show that You are in the midst of not only the authors who are visiting but among the staff of that store who every day do their very best to serve the public. I ask that You fill that store with Your presence, that it would be a time of delight in You as well as in books and those that haven't come for the book signing wouldn't feel left out, that You would meet them there today as well. Give Wayne, Sharon, Christopher and Bryan the words to pass along to the people they speak with today, let none of them be taken and twisted by the Enemy so that they hurt when they meant to bless.

As they travel on from the Cedar Springs Christian Bookstore to the Barnes and Nobles at the Dreamland Shopping Center in Asheville NC I ask that they not face any barriers that would make them late, that they would not get lost, that the loading and unloading of the vehicle go smoothly and that they would have time to enjoy this once in a life time road trip. And Abba, bring in to that location the eager fans that have been tracking this tour and are full to over flowing with excitement, bless Your people that work in Barnes and Noble, bless the ones there that are the gatekeepers and look at that place as their harvest field. Let these authors be like the first wave of reapers, sent into the white fields and speak to the hearts of the staff there that know and love You, build them up and encourage them as this event takes place and let it Lord be a large and fun filled one.

I ask all this in the name of the Lord of Hosts

Christ Jesus


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No AC At Work Today

According to the bank clock across the street from where I work it was 89 degrees today, and the thermostat inside the store read 85 degrees. Our antique air conditioner isn't cutting it in this heat. It can't cool the store and as a result I've told staff there (myself included) not to worry about dress code and to wear t-shirts. There's no other way to beat the heat and we are stacking the paperbacks like cord wood and piling concordances on top of them to press them flat again. Remember what I said about the optimum temperature for keeping books at their best? Well this is what happens when you can't maintain that 75 degrees of temperature. It was slow today too, and we got children's books inventoried as well as family, counseling, bible reference , and concordances finished. Also, I had to call tech support and sit in the stifling heat of the office to talk with the lovely tech support person (we really do love her, she's the best ever) and try several different things none of which worked. Through out the whole day, my mind was on the upcoming signing. It's as bad as my birthday or Christmas Eve! I can't help bouncing up and down with anticipation now and wondering what is going to happen. Hey, that's better than the dreaded knot in my stomach which is happening less and less, even when people tell me they can't come. Hopefully by the time the event is here, it will be all excitement and no wrenching gut.

Now, I'm off to ink some paper things with designs. Nice and vague still, don't you think?

Prayers and Graces Day Four

Aha! Now comes the fun part of praying for this tour! Providing cover fire for my fellow trench workers (a.k.a. clerks and event staff at bookstores and abroad) Don't get me wrong, I love praying for the authors on this tour but I'm not one of their number. . .yet. Praying for them is kinda like praying for Christians in another country, I can't quite get inside their skin or speak their language and I only have an inkling of what they are going through. But the clerks! The people sweating blood and tears over setting up the signings, now I know exactly how they feel, because they are my own kindred, they are of my clan, and my people. Okay, I'll stop before someone throws up. Heart cry number four;

Heavenly Father I lift up before You today Linda Reed and everyone who is working to make the Heart & Hearth Home School Support Group event a success. I pray for rest for the organizers, and for smoothness of transition from the time the authors arrive to the time that they leave. I ask them to have many hands to make the work light in the set up and clean up at First United Methodist Church in Manchester, TN. I ask for joy to be pinging from heart to heart and family to family, that Linda would see the work of her hands made bold and more beautiful than she could have imagined. I also ask that You would do abundantly more than any there had dreamed with this opportunity for young readers and writers to meet and talk with Bryan, Wayne, Christopher, and Sharon.

Awaken the hunger and fire in the next generation of authors Christ, let the words today spoken be like coals banked down in the hearts of those You have called to take up pen and paper in Your name, stir up the next generation of storytellers for Your glory and encourage those all ready laboring to not give up, but to press on and finish the race You are calling them to run and equipping them to win.

And Lord, let there be no item lost, no author miss placed, all things together and gathered under Your wings as they move from the Heart & Hearth Homeschooling Support group in Manchester TN to the Borders store in Nashville TN. Open up the gates there Christ, open wide the gates of salvation at that store, I ask that You bless and keep the staff there for having these authors in and for any of our family You have placed there on staff as watchmen I ask that their hearts be lifted and encouraged as they see that You are on the move in the genre of fantasy and You are inviting any and all who wish to join You to fall into step and see what great adventures are possible.

You know that I don't ask for numbers usually Lord. I tell You that if it is five or fifty it doesn't matter as long as they are the right ones. But this time I am asking for numbers, I am asking for Your grace to draw people to these storytellers who have tucked the Gospel in their work. I am asking that You go out into the highways and hedges and call them in, I am asking to see the nets so heavy with the catch that we can not lift them into the boat. I want to see the harvest. Show me, and show my brothers and sisters how white are the fields to harvest.

In the name of my Savior Jesus Christ,



Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just a Hint

So, having nothing better to do today than be vague and mysterious, I thought I would leave some hints as to what I have been working on for this particular signing. The above going to represent Bryan Davis and his books. Hmm, whatever could it be. . . .

And that one's for Christopher Hopper and his books. Someone told me it looked like a rogue soft-serve cone. I can kinda see that, but no, alas there will be no soft serve ice cream at the event.

And last but by no means least, is this item which will be used to represent Sharon Hinck and her tomes. This one has been likened to worms doing precision drills or spaghetti preforming a synchronized swimming routine. Also valid guesses, but also incorrect. I suppose that to see the mystery revealed you'll just have to stop back by when I have pictures up of the event.

I'd put a picture here to hint about the thingie for Wayne too, but I can't seeing as it is in the front window of the store right now. I finished that one first, (I always experiment on Wayne's things) and it turned out so well that the staff asked if they could put it in the front window with the other things and books and I yielded to their pleas.

But that lovely dragon face right there? I painted that for Wayne coupla months ago. I didn't want anyone thinking he was a neglected author or anything like that. I'm also inordinately fond of how well that turned out, so much so I think I'll post another pic. of it.

There you go. Now no one need accuse me of being modest. ;)

Prayers and Graces Day Three

Things are really going in full swing now for Bryan, Sharon, Wayne and Christopher! The Washington Post is going to do an article on the tour! What fantastic way to reach people that normally wouldn't hear about this incredible event, these wonderful authors, and their dynamic books! All kinds of appointments are being made and met so it really does seem like divine appointments are rolling out one right after the other! The authors are in high spirits and the convention is in full swing right now. Christopher Hopper's 'Lion Vrie' is sold out and going to go into second printing, pretty sweet! Sharon Hinck was almost late yesterday to the event because her adoring fans were wanting to talk to her! Not a bad reason at all to almost be tardy.

The authors are going to be at ICRS again today for another signing there and Bryan Davis (and maybe the others too) has a signing at LifeWay Christian Store in Douglasville in GA before they hit the road tomorrow morning.

So things seem to have settled down and their hearts are being knit together and today should be one of encouragement and delight for all four. Should and will however can be two decidedly different things. So, here is heart cry number three:

Heavenly Father, thank you. I would that I had better words to express my gratitude but with You so many time I am struck dumb because there aren't words for how I feel. Here goes anyway.

Thank you for keeping Christopher and his wife safe and helping them to get to the event on time, thank you for flooding Sharon's station with fans of the Restorer to buoy her heart, thank you for giving Wayne favor at his meetings, and thank you for blessing Bryan as he talked with people and geared up for today. Thank you for the opportunity with the Washington Post article and the doors that will open.

Today I ask that You be the Gate and the Good Shepherd for these brothers and sister in Christ as they meet fans and buyers at the ICRS convention. Protect their time, let nothing take from them that portion of the day that the set aside to meet with You. Give them rest, and give them opportunities to be really ministered to as well as ministering to others. I ask too that You would guard their weaknesses and protect them from being pushed in their strengths, that as they are praised and lauded and they would in turn pass the glory onto You and lift up all the people that have been a long standing part of their team. Show them how fitly joined they are in the Body and hide them away in Your presence this day.

Again Lord I ask that you bless and keep their families, and that as You are now making the way straight for their feet that You do the same for their loved ones. Bless their children and help them to discover the dynamic destinies that they have in You, bless their spouses who believed in them long before there was reason for the rest of us to recognize their talents, let them be strengthened today.

I ask a special gift for all of their family members starting today, that You breathe into them as You breathed into Adam and quicken their gifts, talents and abilities. Revive flagging hopes and fan into flame again the secret desires of their hearts that You have given them.

And for them, and the authors Sharon, Wayne, Bryan and Christopher, I ask that You give them refreshment this evening and restore their souls while they sleep.

In the name of my Brother Christ Jesus,


Monday, July 9, 2007

91 Degrees

Oh it is hot here, all the poor paperbacks were curling at work, even with the fan on today it was rough. Artchick and I survived by drinking root beer ( in self defense against the heat) and trying to stay busy. Inventory is still going strong and we are blasting through the books to the point that I'm pretty sure we'll start music next week. I really didn't want to go to work today, my head is all wrapped up in the signing and getting things done now that it is T-5 days and counting to the event. Also, I am absolutely convinced that this thing is going to be a dud, got this sick tightening in my stomach that no one is going to show and I'm going to have to explain how shelling out all the advert money was a good idea. None of this has anything to do with the fact that I had to talk to the local radio station today. Noooo, not at all. I reproofed the ad that is now running and I think that's what started this fear. That and it's hitting me just how much I've asked my bosses to spend on promoting this. And I'd really hoped to have part of The Lion Vrie read before the signing and that isn't going to happen. I'll just have to be proud of myself that I finished Rise of the Dibor. I am so tired.

Prayers and Graces Day Two

Well, there are definite adventures happening to the Fantastic Four Signing Tour Authors. So far there's been a bumped flight and an all night drive to get to Georgia, a throat that is worn and rough from travel and speaking, and lost luggage that did finally turn up in time though I'm sure that while it as missing it was the cause of some worry. Is it all spiritual warfare?

Yes and no.

Some of it is the natural law of the earth and living in this fallen paradise, some of it is the will of man (which not even Christ will violate), other people's decisions affect our lives, some of it might be the Lord Himself altering plans, and some of it is direct harassment from fallen angels assigned to flummox if possible the plans of the Lord. All of it is wearying and strength sapping. The good news? Christ has all ready won, the Enemy is all ready defeated, and for every one demon there are two angels.

Mom and I prayed together this morning right before I ate breakfast for the authors, because we wanted to be 'two of one accord' and both our hearts ached in sympathy for Christopher and his wife. So here is the second day, second heart cry:

Heavenly Father, we pray two of one accord for Christopher and his wife. They are weary and worn from their all night traveling and are beyond the end of themselves. We ask that in that 'past the edges' of their own strength they would fall into the endlessness of Your own and that joy would bubble up within them as they go throughout this day knowing that it is You carrying them every step of the way. We ask that you would open Christopher's mouth and set Your words on his tongue that he would be so filled up with Your Holy Spirit that everyone who comes in contact with him would say "Surely the Lord is in this place and here is a man who loves Him with all of his heart". We ask for favor for Christopher and his wife, that the connections that they makes this day would be the ones You have for them to make, that they would be encouraged on all sides knowing You go before them and are their rear guard. We ask too for a time of refreshment for them both and that this evening they would rest in You and they would received a double portion of rejuvenation in their sleep tonight. For Sharon Lord we ask that you bless her throat, that You restore the tissues and membranes to their healthy state and that You place a hedge of protection around her and also around all of the authors Lord. Give her Your wisdom of when and how to speak and let her words be honed so that one word does the work of ten. We ask that you wrap these prayers around Bryan and Wayne as well and that they have fun today Lord, let Your boys see the might of Your hands and be in awe.

In the name of my Friend, Christ Jesus


Sometimes Christ will impress on my heart a song for someone, and today I believe it is this one for my brothers and sisters down at ICRS:

Artist: Delirious

Title: Trading My Sorrows

I'm trading my sorrows
I'm trading my shame
I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

I'm trading my sickness
I'm trading my pain
I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

We say yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord
yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord
yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord, amen

I am pressed but not crushed
persecuted, but not abandoned
struck down, but not destroyed
I am blessed beyond the curse,
for His promise will endure
and His joy will be my strength

though the sorrow may last for the night
His joy comes with the morning.

I'm trading my sorrows
I'm trading my shame
I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

I'm trading my sickness
I'm trading my pain
I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

We say yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord
yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord
yes Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord, amen (2x)

I am pressed but not crushed
persecuted, but not abandoned
struck down, but not destroyed
I am blessed beyond the curse,
for His promise will endure
and His joy is going to be my strength

Though the sorrow may last for the night
His joy comes with the morning.

I'm trading my sorrows
I'm trading my shame
I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

I'm trading my sickness
I'm trading my pain
I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Frustrated Artist

In other news I had a rather frustrating day today. Did you know books are incredibly hard to draw? Harder than suns, harder than harps, harder than lions? Thankfully Mom rescued me and not only me but the book stencil I had made. I've just transfered it to the white material and am getting ready to use the silver puff paint to outline it, but I am nothing but a bundle of nerves. I've been one most of the day. Why? Well. . .

I didn't even get a chance to crack the cover of Hand that Bears the Sword yesterday because of the other project I was working on, and then I had the most bizarre dream and woke up late because I didn't really feel like I got any sleep. Dad and I had a minor row and Mom and I had a more major one (now resolved) I cried during church service and felt like the biggest disappointment/ faker in Christ's family (I disappoint myself so often I can't help feeling like I am a disappointment to Him too) and then came up to the office and started working and ran into major problems with the book stencil. Highlight of the day? Assigning photos to the names in my new cell phone address book. Now when someone calls, I have the image selected pop up on the screen as well as the name of the person calling and the number. Also, Artchick helped me set my phone back to a 'true ring' so my Indiana Jones theme plays. I couldn't figure out why the thing was stuck on silent. Another highlight of the day? Lip syncing to "Girl put your record on'' for Artchick and watching Mom dance to "Hey You" by Avril Lavine.

Right now I think I'm going to try and work on some of the smaller paper banners I'm making and watch MirrorMask, one of my ubber-favorite movies (hey, I know almost all the lines)

Prayers & Graces Day One

Well, m'lord Batson is hopefully at his destination by now, a little weary and a whole lot excited I would think. I've decided that each day I am going to post a prayer here, things that I am praying for Wayne, Christopher, Bryan, and Sharon and the rest of their team as well as the book store staff responsible for the events.

So, here goes (think of it as my on line prayer journal and also has my way of keeping myself accountable to do what I promised to do) the first heart cry.

Heavenly Father, I ask in your name that Wayne, Christopher and his wife, Bryan and his daughter, and Sharon have traveling mercies today; that the farewells to family would be sweet, that you would sustain them through the goodbyes and encourage not only them, but the loved ones that they are leaving behind, that they and all their luggage would arrive safely at their destination, that you put people in their path this day that You want them to meet, and in turn give the words to my brothers and sisters that those people need to hear. There are no coincidences with you Lord, only divine appointments and I pray each one of those would be made this day as Your sons and daughters go forth. I ask for refreshment for them Lord as this trip is going to be wearying for them all, and I also ask that you bless them with Your own presense. Speak to their hearts this day, and let them lay down in peace and sleep, for You are watching over them.

I ask that You hold the children and spouses of these authors close to Yourself in a special way during the separation, I pray that they would have a daily reminder of Your love, that You would meet them in an unexpected and delightful way each day and whatever difficulties arise during this time You would show Yourself mighty on their behalf and they would say 'surely the Lord Himself has undertaken for us this day' I ask that You be their hedge of protection and that you guide their hands and comfort their hearts. I am looking with an eager expectation for You do to all these things and so much more.

And Lord please also tuck in this prayer all the event staff and their families, all the bookstore owners and buyers traveling down to ICRS all of the reps. and agents that know and love You with all their hearts, their minds, their souls, and their strengths.

In Christ's precious name


Saturday, July 7, 2007

I Am Taping Paper to the Walls for a Reason

But if I told you what that was, SOMEONE who is not suppose to see the answer might see it and ruin a surprise. They occasionally pop by here and so mum's the word tonight on that. However the highlight of the day today was finishing my endcap at work, it is chalk full of my favorites now and *GASP* narry a Batson book on the shelf. Hey, his books are behind the front counter, faced out on the shelves, on sale for $9.99 currently, they don't need to be on my favorites right now too. Christopher Hopper's Rise of the Dibor and Sharon Hinck's The Restorer need to be highlighted as my favorites too, along with George Bryan Polivka's Legend of the Fire Fish and the second Trophy Chase book The Hand that Bears the Sword. I just picked that one up today, and it's cover is lovely, it's thicker than the first and the teaser on the back is enough to make me stay up all night reading! Here's a bit of it:

"Pirate Scat Wilkins, no longer in command of his great ship has returned with evil intentions for Packer as the Trophy Chase sets sail for deep waters once again. While Packer is away, Panna, his braide faces danger at the hands of the lecherous Prince Mather. And a deadly peril has arisen across the sea. A new Hezzan in the Kingdom of Drammun now has diabolical designs on Packer and the Firefish trade, catapulting all of Nearing Vast into the horrors of war."

See what I mean about wanting to pull and all-nighter reading? There is nothing like the excitement of buying a handsome, thick FANTASY book that happens to be written by a Christian. But now, I have to get back to hanging paper on the walls. And no, I'm not wall papering. I really am hanging sections of paper on the walls.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Care and Feeding of. . .Authors!

Today Bryan Davis called my place of work to check in and say hullo and make sure that we were in the loop, very nice thing to do, and the manager was delighted to talk with him a bit. The call just added to the fire and enthusiasm that is going around.

We are talking about where we are going to put the authors, how to set up and tear down within the allotted time, and also what we are going to feed them. It is going to be wretchedly hot the week that they are here, somewhere in the mid 90's and muggy to boot. So we will have water, and tea, and maybe even lemonade, and some sort of food. Everything from pizza to cheese and veggie plates have been suggested, it all depends on if they have had time to eat, what they would like, and how many people beside the authors are going to be traveling with them. The staff is looking foreword to eats too as it's nice to have a treat when extra work is being done and at this point I would say that everyone has earned a treat. It's gotten to be like Christmas, there's been so much preparation and planning, and a couple of surprises too for fans and authors alike, I'm sure after it's all over there's going to be a let-down. I'm seriously thinking of driving to their next signing destination too and saying 'hullo' there because I am starting to get the feeling that I'm not going to have time to enjoy this one or really even talk much to them. We'll see. It would be nice to be that busy!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Terry Blackstock, Rants, and Other Things.

A customer told me the nicest thing today, she said "It's so nice to have you here because you know so much about the books and authors and you can help me find new stories to enjoy." I must have grinned from ear to ear for about an hour. There is nothing (other than sharing Christ with someone) I like more than helping a customer find a book to read and hearing that they enjoyed it.

Today we were having a run on Terry Blackstock's newest book True Light which is the third in the Last Light series.

Her Last Light is a hybrid of mystery and fantasy that asks the question "What would happen if the world no longer had power?" And we are talking about no power as in cars don't work, computers don't work, cell phones don't work, back to the horse and buggy and fire and hauling water from the creek. It really is a fascinating study on interpersonal relationships in the family and in the community in suburbia. In addition to the hardships that the main characters are facing, there's a break in and a murder in the middle of the night in their community. One neighbor stands accused, one neighbor is guilty, and there is a vigilante mob armed with rifles looking to lynch one or the other.

True Light will hit hard for anyone with teenage sons. I'm not giving anything away if I tell you that a teenager is shot for his ten-point buck at the beginning of her latest tale, the boy was hunting to feed his family too, and so giddy with delight over bringing the buck down and knowing he'd helped his Dad. That's no more than the teaser inside the book. Normally I'd say that was on the back cover but it's not, there's this HUGE picture of Terry Blackstock there instead.

That really annoys me, first thing that arrests my attention when I'm browsing in a book store is the books' cover, and then I flip it over to read the synopsis and reviews that you find on the back. When I find a HUGE picture of the author there instead I am very likely to put the book back down on the shelf and move onto the next. In my opinion the publisher of that book is saying "Oh this is so-and-so and whatever they write is outstanding, and you dear reader will buy it and read it just because they wrote it. "


I choose books on based on plot, not on who wrote them. Yes, I do enjoy certain authors but I don't like or don't read everything they write. I didn't like Angelmass and I didn't read Manta's Gift and I love their author, Timothy Zahn. I haven't read Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christie and I didn't like Taken at the Floor or Mystery of the Blue Train but I love most of her things, my favorite being The Man in the Brown Suit. I haven't read Uncharted or The Novelist or The Good Nearby by Angela Hunt but I love her Brothers and Dreamer and Canopy. I am picky about plot and character and there are many times I'll skip a book an author's written and wait for the next one to come out or move on to another author in the same genre if I think that they are headed in a direction I don't like. So, those huge photos of the author on the back are a real irritant, and almost make me not want to buy the book.

Okay, here's a *SPOILER* alert for True Light, enough of my grousings. Look away if you want to be totally surprised.


In True Light there's more development of the character of Mark, and a brilliant scene involving port-a-potties that 'shows' instead of preaching. It's smaller girth wise than the other books, but the overwhelming theme in it is forgiveness. From the sheriff's son who has to forgive what the inmates did to his father, to Mark's having to forgive what is done to him, to the young teen having to forgive his parents this book revolves around that point, and does it so well that you'll likely read it in one sitting. Don't miss the word from Terry either, I think that Christ will use it to encourage you as He has me.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

So Annoying. . .

Lost the first post I had in here, and am too tired to rebuild it, so hope everyone had a lovely Forth of July, I got a lot done today, had lots of fun too and I'll maybe post more tomorrow

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Doesn't Everyone .. .

Have a shelves full of old looking boxes, lion headed wall sconces, iron lanterns, old keys, ancient looking crosses, tall candle sticks with bases made of gilt winged lions, and fabric so rich and dark that it catches and holds the light like the lining of an elven cloak?

Huh, I guess not because I got a call today (my day off) to pretty please ''Bring in all that really cool stuff you use for signings so we can use them in the front window of the store for the Author's display."

Naturally I refused.

No, I rounded up the goods and carted them over to work, delighted that they want to make the front window a display for the signing and slightly bemused over the fact that no one else had items that could be used. I spent most of the morning running errands and found that one of the local craft stores was going out of business during my running. I stopped in and snagged some gorgeous home dec. fabric which I will use on the signing tables for $3.50 a yard. Normally it would have been $9.99. While I usually have some type of fabric to put over the surface of the rough work tables, I had to buy more because I gave the last bit to an author who had a signing in April. No matter, I got oodles of the really pretty fabric now and not only is it pretty there is enough to cover both tables (I still find it funny to split the authors the way the owner wants and no, it doesn't take a whole lot to amuse me) which will bring cohesion to the set up.

This afternoon I spent working on projects. One is completely done (and hanging in the store front window) one is 98% done, one is 56% done and the final part to this project is at least upstairs where it can glare at me till I start working on it. I'll be watching movies, writing, and working on projects tomorrow. I still can't get over this 'two days off together' thing. I feel so spoiled.

Monday, July 2, 2007

There's Got to be An Easier Way

Today I am again grateful for you wonderful archers, I really wouldn't have made it through to the end today without that cover fire, and Christ's grace, though not necessarily in that order.

Today I had to get Church accounts squared away not only for the month, but also had to run statements for every account that we have in order to notify them of the fact that tax-exempt cards will expire in September and if they want to keep their accounts open, then we need copies of the tax-exempt cards. I printed over 600 accounts. I don't even want to start calculating what that cost in paper and in ink. I just pray I did it the right way, I double checked with the main store but that pile of paper on the desk scares me. And typing 'I printed over 600 accounts' is vastly easier than actually doing it. Especially when you consider the fact that I work in retail and retail is very unforgiving about paperwork. I don't have an office to work in, I can't shut the door and ignore everyone else and get the job done, retail doesn't work like that. I was back and forth and up and down and answering phones and answering questions and doing all manner of things while I was working on getting the 600 pages printed.

One of the things that came up during the printing was a problem that required phoning the main store and then the other party and then trying different things and calling back again and trying something else and then phoning again and trying a third thing. Nothing really worked, but I'm off for the next two days and don't have to think about it. Then, change of the staff, and I was pushed off onto another task, getting the flier I created over the weekend for the signing to my co worker at another store location.

You'd think with the advent of the internet, that this would be easy. All I had to do was call home, ask Mom to save the flier, and send it as an attachment to my co worker's store e-mail account. He'd open the attachment, pull it into the appropriate application tweak it a bit and then print it out, put it into the envelopes, and we'd mail it out.


First, the application at work refused to open the attachment, even though it was the right format. So, my coworker calls me and tells me that he thinks it would work in a different format. I call home, I ask Mom pretty please to reformat the save in another program. She does, and she resends it. I get a call from my coworker half an hour later saying that the file hasn't arrived. And the first time we did this it got there in a matter of minutes. So, I call Mom who thankfully is still home, and she resends it. An hour later, he calls again saying that it's still not there. So, I call home again, Mom re re sends it. Mean while I am waiting on customers, printing out mailing lists, double checking that I am not duplicating customers for the mail out, and also checking in product received. My co worker in that location is waiting hand and foot on customers so I can get all these other things done.

Finally the flier arrives safe and sound at the other location, and I go and eat dinner at 6:10. I got in at 1, and haven't eaten since breakfast. So, I'm munching away and reading, trying to calm down and de-stress when my co worker from the other store calls and reminds me he needs a customer count before he leaves that day so he can get the right amount of postage for the mail out and make enough copies of the flier. At this point I was ready to scream, but thankfully my in store co-worker helped me to chill. After dinner she went in and ate and I went back out on the floor and typed in by hand all 110 names of people that will be getting special invitations to the event. I printed the labels, but had her stick them on the envelopes while I finished scanning a transfer of stock from earlier in the day and made a disk. By close we were both exhausted and it was only 8:00pm.

I came home and watched History Detectives with Dad and since then have basically been a vegetable.

But I am so grateful for all your prayers. Days like this make them very precious.

Poll Results

What Do You Notice First About A Book?
RESULTS! Closed 11/11/09

My attention's always grabbed by the cover-53%

I look on the spine for the author's name-6%

The thicker books are the one that grab my notice-26%

I open the book up to the middle and burry my nose in the pages, sniffing. Scent is important-0%

I flip the book over, ignore the cover and the spine and get to the book blurb-13%

Pick Your Weapon! RESULTS! Closed-11/03/09

Hand and Half Sword-16%
Long Bow-25%
Pen-25 %

What Kind of Fan Are You? RESULTS! Closed-10/22/09

Shy. I like reading books but I don't want to meet the authors-15%

Avid. I've read everything my favorite author has written!-38%

Curious. I've e-mailed my favorite author or left comments on the blog and asked them questions-38%

What Kind of Word Smith Are You? RESULTS!-Closed 10/15/09

I focus on setting-22%
I focus on dialogue-22%
I focus on action-22%
I focus on characters-33%

What Kind of Reader Are You? RESULTS!-Closed 10/07/09

I try and guess where the story is going to go-44%
I read the book and think how I would have written it differently-0%
I race through the story, riding the words like a rollarcoaster-22%
I race through the book and then go back and read my favorite parts again and again-33%

What Kind of Writer Are You? RESULTS!

Character first--1%
Plot First--4%
Balanced Between Plot and Character--5%
All Over The Place--5%

So All Over The Place and Balanced Between Plot and Character tie for the win! All I can say is that there must be some wicked stories out there. I can't wait to read them!

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