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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Frustration .. .

Have you ever had one of those times when your mind adamantly refused to do what you wished with a story? I'm experiencing that this week, there's a exercise that calls for we writers to ''frustrate'' the protagonist in our story-i.e. block the goal they need to reach-and I just can't get anything to come out well enough that I want to share it. Now, frustration is the back bone of any story, the protagonist has a goal-antagonist blocks the goal *bam* conflict. Then, the hero loses, or maybe he wins the minor conflict but in winning it puts him in a worse place than he or she was before. This goes on throughout the tale, with the hero gaining ground along the way, kinda the 'take three steps foreword and two steps back' approach, in the end you are making progress just a step at a time though there is a lot of extra action. And it's rather annoying that I can't seem to get my mind to properly do that, however I am writing. I'm just not writing that type of frustration.

I wasn't even writing anything worth keeping till yesterday night.

*Grrr* This week is a mess; one coworker is quitting and going to another job and she happens to be a good friend (I'm happy for her but her leaving is going to muck thing up somewhat at the store) and then one of the managers quit and gave his three week notice (eep), inventory is still not done and we are looking to get into the next sale, and I just agreed to do a signing in April.

Anyway, the reason that I had a moment to take up pen yesterday was because the washing machine died. So Mom and I hauled the dirty clothes to the laundromat and spent an hour and a half there getting them clean. I had my notebook and pen and in between wash cycles, I got about a page of writing done. But is it the assignment? Noooo. It's something else entirely and that is what is most annoying


Josh said...

remember when i was having serious writers block on peril and i came through that stronger that ever hehehehe so im pretty sure you will come through this. I also was not happy with my entry but i entered it qny way ^_^

everlastingscribe said...

I figure I'll work on frustration over the weekend and maybe post on Monday :-D

Josh said...

that sounds good but i would like to rework another story and enter for frustration and even one for peril. all i truly know is I love my character Eliot.

everlastingscribe said...

Hey, that's half the battle right there!

I'm thinking of bringing my character Mynasthoa out of retirement for the ''frustration'' exercise.

He's a character I created on a *dare* from one of my friends who pointed out I don't have any ''immortal'' characters. So, Mynas is immortal. He's eons old, he's lovely to pound on and the part I love the best about him?

He's refered to by my other characters as "The Librarian" but because of something he did thousands of years ago, he can't read. He manages the Archives, but he can't read or write, it's physically impossible for him to do so.

I think I'd be able to ''frustrate'' him :) Don't you?

Josh said...

hehehehehe i can only think of a zillion good ways. This is going to turn out very good. ^_^

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