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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Warning: Contains Malice & Mischief

Tolkien and I started talking at work today, it was dead slow, and we started brainstorming about things ''worse than death'' that could happen to our characters. And then I thought, being the evil writer that I am, I might as well post the things here to inspire other evil authors.

1)Being made to choose between saving a spouse, or saving a child
2)Having memory erased
3)Having a spouse betray the character with their sworn nemesis
4)Being brainwashed into attacking their friends
5)Finding out that they are fighting on the wrong side of a war
6)Having them discover they are not who they thought they were (in a negative way)

And the number one (or seven) fate worse than death would be: Having a child taken away by an enemy and raised as their own.

Now, none of these ideas are original, but Tolkien and I took great delight in applying them to current characters and story lines, and I hope that you do the same. Nothing like a little mayhem to spice up a plot that's sagging a bit.


Christopher Hopper said...


Followed a comment you had left on Wayne's Site:

"Currently Reading: Rise of the Dibor by Christopher Hopper"

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I was honored to see that line.

Also, is that YOU on the horse? I have four horses in my back yard but I have yet to mount them with armour. I'm insanely jealous!


everlastingscribe said...

LOL No, I wish. That was taken at the local Ren. Fest here! The gentleman was very nice to ''pose'' for me.

Though, I can and have gotten my hands on armor, I have a friend who is a sword smith, and as Wayne will tell you, the sword smith has been very nice to let me use some of his pieces on occasion.

I really am enjoying the tale, reminds me a little of C.S. Lewis Sciene Fiction Trilogy. The idea I mean, not the actual story. Thanks for stopping by!

Josh said...

ooo very sinister hehehehehe me likey the ideas thank you scribe i do assume wait not assume, hope i could bum them off you

everlastingscribe said...

LOL help yourself Josh, there's really nothing *new* there. Those ideas have been around for as long as people have been telling stories


Now which one is YOUR favorite?

Josh said...

Having a child taken away by an enemy and raised as their own. That is very sinister and for the main character having to battle there own child. It would be more than just a battle with weapons it would be a mental battle as well. Who could slay there own child....... well anyone good for that mater. I also find choosing between spouse and child a sinister twist as well. How do you choose. You love them both but could the child be/is more important. *shakes head* how to decide. ( I am glad I am a good kid lol)

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