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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scribe's Tired.

We had a great event tonight! I wasn't there even though I've been working my fingers off to promote it, but I was told it was fantastic!


For those interested, it was the Hoops of Hope (TM) event at the main store, featuring teen speaker and author Austin Gutwein. His book, Take Your Best Shot just released from Thomas Nelson (yeah, that's Wayne and Christopher's publisher) and we were his first book signing location. Go us. If Christ hadn't been for him however, it never would have happened. There have been SO many things that went wrong with this that I'm hoping all the gremlins are finished wreaking their havoc and Wayne and Christopher's event will sail along smooth as silk.

Hey, I can dream.

And, I've got another well-known author asking if we want to host an event with him on October 30th or 31st. *sob* That's two weeks after Wayne and Christopher.

I. Need. Rest.

Anywhoo, I haven't forgotten that you are all gnawing on each other's fingernails waiting to get started on The Curse of the Spider King contest, and I promise, it'll be up this week. So stop biting each other. :-D

The things listed above are some of the reasons why I'm being cagey. I need to have time to set up the contest, and set it up right, and right now, I don't know when I'll have it. I'm thinking Friday night into Saturday morning, but I just don't know.

To tide you over, check out these new things:

We have new posters for the signing-I made them last night. Did I mention being tired?

Yep, yep, there's the Dangerous Duo in the center. And they have long sharp metal pointy things. Mom like the leaves better than the spider webs we had up earlier. I dunno, I like the colors in both but I'm not a big spider fan. Oh, speaking of spiders, I moved the display in the small store up closer to the front now that we are a little under a month away. And guess who decided to add their own touches to it? UH-HUH. The arachnids.

Ugh. They just don't know when to quit. And yes, there are non-Hopper and non-Batson books on the display. If people would quit buyin em, I'd have a nice full display. But nooooo. So, I filled the holes with James Byron Huggins A Wolf Story(all-time favorite modern fantasy book), Robert Liparulo's The House of Dark Shadows-Dream House Kings Book 1, and Bill Meyer's Invisible Terror. That one is a compilation of several of his Forbidden Doors books, though I don't know which ones. But check out the helmet, I've had two co-workers comment on it. One was annoyed with all the cobwebs. I told them to talk to the arachnids. The other thought it looked cool. What about you guys? Over the top? Corny? Or eerie?


Millardthemk said...

Sounds like you've earned a rest! I wish you'd have time to post on the Underground though. We miss ya! I'm so glad that the signing stuff went well. Mayhaps, when you have the time, You should check out our bible study thread. It got pretty lively when I posted. You should see what ya think about it all. The discussions where very good.

Storyteller said...

Oh, Scribe, there is no need to apologize! You cannot possibly do everything. You seem to be handling it all very well, though.
Personally, I say the webs ought to stay. (No point in tiring yourself out more by taking them down, as the pesky spiders are likely to spin more. *laughs*)
Well done on the poster!
Now, go take a nap! :)

WayneThomasBatson said...

Okay, so I'm getting a little stoked! Go Michelle! Get thee some Glory for God! WOOT

Jeff said...

The display looks great. And I LOVE Liparulo's Dreamhouse Kings do my kids. Great combination of spookiness and adventure.

Chris said...

I love the displays! but I think that the spider web on the helmet is a wee bit over the top, it probably looks better in real life though... (how 'bout putting the helmet on a giant spider instead? jk)

everlastingscribe said...

:-D I'll have to talk to m'lord Batson about that Chris. Someone told me he was wrangling large arachnids.

You aren't the only one ready to smack me with a broom because of the cobwebs everywhere. Like I said, one of my co workers was rolling their eyes and threatening to gag at the corniness of the cobwebs on the helmet.

Hopefully I'll have the real-deal for the signing. I'm talking to my pal who has a son who is a sword smith and pleading for some really cool props to be loaned (yet again) for the 17th. We'll see. . .

Chris said...

Real swords would be awesome!

everlastingscribe said...

They are awesome! I fell in love with a gladius that he lent me. I mean until I held it I always assumed I was a long-blade person. But as soon as I had the gladius in my hand--the balance--the way it felt, I've never wanted anything else.

Buuuuut a gladius of hand-hammered tempered steel is something I'm not going to own in this lifetime. They start at $2,000 and work their way upwards. *sigh* But I get to hold one sometimes. :-D

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