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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sneak a Peak

All right, as promised I have pictures for you guys to see, but I'm not just going to have you take a sneak peak at some of the props that will be at the launch party, you're going to work! That's right, I had a lovely thought today when I was at Michael's (TM) picking up what I needed. I realised that there is all this untapped talent roaming around on m'lord Batson and Sir Hopper's site, and that I could put it to work!

(insert evil chuckle here)

And so, I want you to tell me which you think looks best. Give me suggestions, put your artistic helmets on (I know you all have them) and help me choose the lay out to make our bookstore look .. .like nothing on Earth.

To start, take a look at these:

These are the cool candle holders I found at Michael's (TM) today. Well, really I found them last week but I had to wait for the coupon I had to be valid. They didn't look like much in the store, until I stuck the cream-colored candles on top and tried to envision them wrapped up in cobwebs. I think they look great! Here's a close up look at the spiderwebs.

However I also have some of these (look close):

See the little fella in the lower left hand area? Here's the first question for all you fantastic fans:

What looks scarier? The cobwebs with spider or cobwebs without the spider?

Post in the comments and let me know.

Should I leave the candles with the spider?
Should I ditch the spider?
Should I add more spiders?

All right, and here's the second question. I was going to use the brown cloth you seen underneath the candle sticks fora table cloth at the signing, because the book cover looks like this:

The green of the book cover will really "pop" off the bronze-brown of the cloth. But, now that I have the candles, they'll blend in to the bronze of the cloth. I have some green fabric down in the basement that looks like this:

See the difference? Now the brown-copper of the candlesticks really stands out against the green, but the book will blend (somewhat) into it again. And the candle sticks blend into the bronze-brown of the cloth, but they stand out more against the green. You'd be surprised at how much these little things mean in a staged area.

So, what do you like better?

Candlesticks on the bronze-brown?
Candlesticks on the green?

Oh, and one more thing. Whatever could these be?


Chris said...

I like the candles without the spider better.
I'd say go with the brown cloth, the main attraction is the book (And the authors), right?
About the books, do you mean, "what could I make them into" or "what do these mean"?

everlastingscribe said...

What do these mean ;)

Chris said...

Ummm, top secret books about the ARG? jk

Kayla said...

I'm going to say either no spiders, or more spiders, but not a lot more. I personally like the green better, but could be swayed to the other.

Why not try printing a good quality picture of the cover and taping it onto a book and then setting the book on the cloth and seeing which is more appealing?

And the books-do they mean there is going to be a super cool prize that I won't get to be involved because I'm over 1000 miles away?

everlastingscribe said...

Actually yes there are going to be several prizes awarded at the event--and I'm throwing my brain into overdrive to see if we can't find a way to include all you fantastic people who are not near the events. I mean *IF* CH can get the thing on the web, well then why not have some things those not physically present can win?

So, keep checkin here, and I wouldn't mind some prayers myself as I work out all the annoying details.


Melissa Rose said...

I think they're scarier without the spider. You never know where one might be lurking when you can only see the web.

And I like the green cloth better. People will still see the book, because they're there for the book. So I say let them notice the work you've put into the atmosphere as well.

everlastingscribe said...

That's a point Melissa, people are there for the book--but Chris makes a valid point too--which means I continue to vacillate.

So far, two votes no spiders

Kayla says either ramp up the spiders or ditch them all together.

And Kayla had a great idea about printing out a picture of the book cover and seeing what it looked like on the green and then on the brown before deciding--I'm going to do that!

Keep the ideas coming!

Barie-ah Hue-en-la said...

I say the green cloth. I do not know about the spiders though . . .

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