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Monday, July 2, 2007

There's Got to be An Easier Way

Today I am again grateful for you wonderful archers, I really wouldn't have made it through to the end today without that cover fire, and Christ's grace, though not necessarily in that order.

Today I had to get Church accounts squared away not only for the month, but also had to run statements for every account that we have in order to notify them of the fact that tax-exempt cards will expire in September and if they want to keep their accounts open, then we need copies of the tax-exempt cards. I printed over 600 accounts. I don't even want to start calculating what that cost in paper and in ink. I just pray I did it the right way, I double checked with the main store but that pile of paper on the desk scares me. And typing 'I printed over 600 accounts' is vastly easier than actually doing it. Especially when you consider the fact that I work in retail and retail is very unforgiving about paperwork. I don't have an office to work in, I can't shut the door and ignore everyone else and get the job done, retail doesn't work like that. I was back and forth and up and down and answering phones and answering questions and doing all manner of things while I was working on getting the 600 pages printed.

One of the things that came up during the printing was a problem that required phoning the main store and then the other party and then trying different things and calling back again and trying something else and then phoning again and trying a third thing. Nothing really worked, but I'm off for the next two days and don't have to think about it. Then, change of the staff, and I was pushed off onto another task, getting the flier I created over the weekend for the signing to my co worker at another store location.

You'd think with the advent of the internet, that this would be easy. All I had to do was call home, ask Mom to save the flier, and send it as an attachment to my co worker's store e-mail account. He'd open the attachment, pull it into the appropriate application tweak it a bit and then print it out, put it into the envelopes, and we'd mail it out.


First, the application at work refused to open the attachment, even though it was the right format. So, my coworker calls me and tells me that he thinks it would work in a different format. I call home, I ask Mom pretty please to reformat the save in another program. She does, and she resends it. I get a call from my coworker half an hour later saying that the file hasn't arrived. And the first time we did this it got there in a matter of minutes. So, I call Mom who thankfully is still home, and she resends it. An hour later, he calls again saying that it's still not there. So, I call home again, Mom re re sends it. Mean while I am waiting on customers, printing out mailing lists, double checking that I am not duplicating customers for the mail out, and also checking in product received. My co worker in that location is waiting hand and foot on customers so I can get all these other things done.

Finally the flier arrives safe and sound at the other location, and I go and eat dinner at 6:10. I got in at 1, and haven't eaten since breakfast. So, I'm munching away and reading, trying to calm down and de-stress when my co worker from the other store calls and reminds me he needs a customer count before he leaves that day so he can get the right amount of postage for the mail out and make enough copies of the flier. At this point I was ready to scream, but thankfully my in store co-worker helped me to chill. After dinner she went in and ate and I went back out on the floor and typed in by hand all 110 names of people that will be getting special invitations to the event. I printed the labels, but had her stick them on the envelopes while I finished scanning a transfer of stock from earlier in the day and made a disk. By close we were both exhausted and it was only 8:00pm.

I came home and watched History Detectives with Dad and since then have basically been a vegetable.

But I am so grateful for all your prayers. Days like this make them very precious.


WayneThomasBatson said...

You have my sword, my prayers, and my thanks! (Not necessarily in that order). ;-)

Thank you for all you are doing. Days like the one you had make most people faint.

everlastingscribe said...

;) I really do appreciate your 'having my back' because I am very aware of how very small and limited I am at the moment. Not that this understanding is a bad thing, I just don't like it very much.

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