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Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Soul of This Man Is In His Clothes

Okay, I'll give you one bragging point if you know (without googling or otherwise looking it up) who wrote this post header (yeah it's a quote), and two if you can tell me not only who wrote it but where you'll find it in their work. If you think you know, post your answer in a comment here and tomorrow I'll confirm it and hand out the bragging rights.

Anyway, I've been thinking about villains again today, mainly because I had to make a run to JoAnne's(tm) for more craft supplies for my friends wedding present. While there I walked through the bolts of material on sale fingering the different textures. And I started to think about what would my villain wear, and why.

I'm not a world-builder or a character builder by inclination, putting the touches on a paper tiger is real work for me. I lean hard into the plot and love building that more than the players traipsing along it. So thinking of what a villain wears and why isn't something I normally do, but I think that this particular one is going to take care in what he wears. I think it will help me flush him out more. Anyway, anyone else have villains that dress well?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

-Villians always wear black don't they? So, why not midnight blue or emerald green. Expensive materials that the common people look up to. Someone whose clothes mean more to them than people.

Also, I don't have to look too far for villian like actions because we all have them. That old self is pretty ugly. And usually villians have a screw loose so that one aspect of their minds just become very exagerated. I like the Kingship mentality in a villian. The ones that think they can RULE over common people because they are so much better.

I watched a movie where the villian hid his real self so well that no one knew he was the villian. He was a spy and his name was Robert Hanssen. All he cared about was that he was significant and mattered. No one else did matter in his mind except him...not even his country. Sometimes real villians in our world can become models for the ones we put in our books. The soul of this man was one of total deceit. He projected himself as a good Catholic religious man but had a split personality one good, one evil. The good one he projected to others and the evil one did whatever he thought was right in his own eyes.

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