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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Archers ready for arrow sprints?

According to the research of  the Archers of Ravenwood (the ladies and gentlemen who shoot demonstrations at the Maryland Renaissance Festival ) an English archer of average proficiency could fire 12-15 arrows a minute with the long bow. That works out to roughly  one arrow every 4-5 seconds. And that's an  average archer, not someone who was top of their class.  And there's more.

Not only were the longbow men  fast they were accurate, hitting targets the size of a man from over 200 yards away.

To give you an idea of distance, American football fields are 120 yards.

So an average English longbow men could  string arrows and fire them at a target at the end of a football field striking it 12 time in one minute without breaking a sweat.

That would be one dead target.

What does all this have to do with today's prayer assignment?

I'm glad you asked :-D

Tomorrow, Christopher and Wayne will be visiting:

Indian River Middle School  in the afternoon,
and then in the evening, from  4pm to 7pm EST (and probably longer, the poor guys never get out on time)  they are going to be at:

Salmon Run Mall
Watertown NY

Aaaaand knowing those two, there are probably drive-by signings that will happen and other things they may add in as they run around New York. 

Let me tell you just those two events make for one long day.

So, archers at the ready? Here are some things to pray specifically for as they head out into this long day of fun and ministry:

For heath, that they not get sick or be afflicted with coughs and sniffles.
For rest, that they get a good night sleep and be well rested in the morning
For peace, that they not be caught in traffic or in any way get diverted away from their destinations unless Christ is doing the diverting.

For fellowship with those holding the events and the fans that attend.

Sometimes in these big settings people feel unimportant and lost waiting in line, and then  because of the volume of people, there's hardly any time when they get up to the table to actually meet the author(s) they came out to see.

When I was at B&N for one of the Isle of Swords events, everyone around me was angry and upset because of the long line. That all chanced however when young boy in front of me started asking me about my favorite bits in the book and we got to talking and laughing and sharing. Soon he had nearly everyone around us talking about their favorite parts in the book and the ENTIRE mood of the line where I was, changed.   That's all it took. One fan and his gregarious outlook,  and what could have been a nasty experience was turned into a time of fans and readers having FUN while we waited.

Guess what I was doing before the youngblood turned around and started talking my ear off? I was  praying like mad. Guess what other Christians in line were doing when they saw the same thing happening they were? They were  praying like mad.

How do I know?

Because as the event broke up and I collected my camera and other stuff (like my borrowed brother Christian) I ran into a woman that I knew and she confessed that she was amazed at the turn out. And when the mood had started to go sour, she just started praying.  And it wasn't St. Petersburg prayers either, she told me. It was Jesus, help! Help help help.  And He did. And it was turned into an amazing time.

We, archers, can't be there to stand in line and make goofy faces at Christopher and Wayne, but we can pray. And it is needed, it is vitally needed.  So, arrows on string, pull back, and let your prayers fly straight and true.

Want more on archery from some really awesome people? Head over here:

Archers of Ravenwood

1 comment:

Millardthemk said...

Well, done scribe, well done. To borrow the words of out lord. "well done good and faithful servant". You have pleased the King and gladdened my heart.

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