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Monday, October 19, 2009

Pictures from the COTSK Signing

That's right, it's exactly what it said up there. Pictures of the signing. Hold on to your hats (or helmets) and prepare to be amazed!

This is what the back wall looked like thanks to Caitlin's genius and some willing spiders:

So that's what it looked like as you walked up to the table and then this:

This was behind the guys, look at all the spiderwebs *shudder* and oh yeah, the LOVELY GREEN BOOKS THERE. LOOK AT EM. LOOK AT HOW MANY ARE THERE. SCADS OF EM. SCADS AND SCADS AND SCADS. It's a shame that you can't reach into the photograph and pluck them out.

I mean really, see? Four deep. We had 96 to start with and we sold 45. Uh-huh. And we had Wayne and Christopher sign 20 more so we'd have em on hand. I sold 2 of the 20 in Eldersburg today. Should have had em sign 40. Ah well.

This was the stack at the back counter, and yeah, that's the helmet from EB. People kept coming and buying, and coming and buying, and coming and buying. That's what we want to see at a signing, you know. :-D I had to refill this display 4 times while I was back there. That's not a complaint.

Aaaaand those were the books that I was working on for WEEKS before the event.

In a fit of artistic dictatorship I conscripted my Mom, who is an artist in her own right, and she helped me finish them, bringing the insides to life (sadly I didn't take pictures of the insides) and keeping me from melting down when the BLUE BOOKS decided to be a problem child. Oh, that was a nasty book/box. We had an ongoing battle of wills, it and I, involving glue sticks, brown paper patches, sticky glazes, and wear along the spine. The red book was a model project that practically made itself.

This is the most awesome helmet that they brought along, I don't know if it's Wayne's or Christopher's but it is cooool.

For those who remembered the earlier posts where I was debating what table cover to use, I did go with the copper brown and I did use the trick of printing the book cover and trying it against the different fabrics. It really looked amazing with the green books propped up against it.

Then people started drifting in, and Wayne and Christopher were delighted to greet this little maid who was a bit on the shy side.

Until. . . .

Someone introduced her to steel. And then, right there in the store, a sword maiden was created. The boys look a little worried, for a reason. She BONDED with the blade.

However, before anyone could taste her cold blade, more fans showed up!

I know. They look so attentive and calm don't they? The photo is SO misleading. Please. Please I am BEGGING you. You HAVE to come and see these two at an event. Church-School-Store, it doesn't matter. You HAVE to see them in PERSON. They only thing that is quicker than their swords is their wit, and when you SEE them like this, it's like seeing thoroughbred horses in the gate before a race. The energy is just crackling over them, waiting to be released in all sorts of ways. Don't believe me? All right. Take a look at. . . .THIS:

Wayne is under attack! Christopher is heroically rescuing him!


Or he is villainous attacking him. There were lots of spiders going places and hitting things like authors. And books. And one decided to go . ..

back to the spider whisperer. The guys were definitely having fun. I fed them sugar.

Lots of sugar.

By the way, bottled water and hard candy are a MUST if you are going to be hosting the duo.

Wayne was struggling to keep his voice the latter part of the night, and the candy helps because they can pop a piece in and let it met to coat their throats. He had cough drops too. They had a long signing the night before at B&N and the weather was so nasty that night. I was surprised they held onto their voices the whole night.

Water is the number one must have for any author at a signing but it's hard to get it to them because, they tend to get pinned in behind the table and can't get out to get bottles. Thankfully our staff kept bringing it out for them.

They really were grateful.

But despite the rough throats and the fatigue that was gnawing on them they sang a song that they are working on getting into the book trailer (Christopher has more details on that) which was a huge hit with the audience:

Yes, Christopher is a multi-talented gentleman, skilled in the art of the "quick change" (And also they sang it twice for us--a double blessing ;) ) Then, it was back to the awesome insanity of the signing!

There were more spiders!

And more sword bearers!

And, more swords. Some, the sign-able kind:

And there were fans.


And lots

And lots of fans.

Which meant that we (the staff) had to be patient, and had to wait for:

The REAL fun to begin! Oh yeah, SWORD FIGHT BETWEEN AUTHORS.




Most. Awesome. Sword fight. Ever.

And that, is how we end Author Signings At His Way.


Hope you guys enjoyed a peek here at what went on!



Millardthemk said...

Seriously cool scribe! I wish I could have been there*gazes wishfully*. Great pics, the only missing was a video of sword fighting@!@!! Excellent job once again I believe your captions are atmosphere rendering and brought many chuckles. Nice job once again!


Noah said...

I actually went to one of his signings on the Motiv8 tour last year. It was all you said this one was, except for fans holding the swords. (sighs) At least they fought together for our enjoyment! That signing is where I first learned of Christopher Hopper, and where I first got one of his books! What a memory!

BrittLass said...

Oh! But that looks so fun! I wish this was not so far away. I've followed your descriptions of how you prepared for the COTSK release party and it is really neat to see how it all turned out. If only I could have been there. Thanks for keeping us updated on the event!


Storyteller said...

I am so jealous, Scribe. *laughs* I am glad you all had fun.

Christopher said...

I soooo wish I could've come, but I was in Michigan

Chris said...

whoops, wrong account... oh well,I think you got the message :P

everlastingscribe said...

We did, and I wish with all my heart that I could have had you all there too, the ones that couldn't make it! If I had all the money in the world, I'd have flown you west-coasters and assorted others out and packed the store with you. For one thing, Wayne and Christopher would have been rendered speechless which is a feat in and of itself, and for another, I don't think that there would have been a better behaved or more appreciative mob than you guys.

Remember--Christopher and Wayne are going to be in NY for more booksigning this month and then WHO KNOWS what they have planned!

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