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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Testing .. .Testing .. .Extra Points Can Be Earned.

So the store blog and I have been having issues with one another and finally, FINALLY, I got something rather cool up on it. However, I'm not certain that everyone can see it. So I'm going to give an INSTANT BOOST of 50 Points towards The Curse of The Spider King book give away for anyone who goes there and comes back here and posts in the comments. I need to know:

1) If you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc.
2)If there are any problems reading the text--be specific like "The text is off center" or "I only see a white page"
3.) What you think of the interview.

Post in the comments here, and you instantly get 50 points in the Curse of the Spider King give away. It's that easy. :-D

And I'll let this boost run until 10/5/09. Here's a link for you fine fans!

click on me!


Millardthemk said...

Woot WOot! I am using MSN. The text is light brown as usual, (I highlight it to read it). The interview is REALLY sweet! I love it when CH: Say his no hair give him the advantage in a fight:P. I hope nobody sees your site.

everlastingscribe said...

50 points to MillardtheMk.

:-D thanks for checking out the link my friend. And yeah, I laughed out loud when I got Christopher's answers to the questions.

I wouldn't want to get in between these two however in a flash of steel

Millardthemk said...

Hail Scribe of the king! Yes a clash of steel would be a thing I'd not get in the way of...Unless mayhaps I also had a sword*sighs*. Theres a midevial fair in my area every summer with fighting, I think I'd be a blast to participate. *sighs* I hope nobody else finds you blog;)*for the points of course*

Chris said...

It looked alright to me. (using Firefox by the way) The only problem I have was that you used quotation marks " instead of apostrophes ' (ie: it"s)
but that's just me.
and I cant believe I missed the first part of this!

Millardthemk said...

First part?

Melissa Rose said...

Firefox worked fine, but with Safari and Internet Explorer the font size is smaller in part 2 than in part 1. I really liked the interview. Great questions!

everlastingscribe said...

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Chris said...

Millard, finding the friends in CH and WTB's books.

Noah said...

I am using Internet Explorer and the text seems just fine, except for the " where there should be '. The interview was very encouraging! It makes me want to go out into the world and find a friend just like they are to each other!

everlastingscribe said...

Cool Noah! And thanks for checking it out. I don't know what's up with the double '' for apostrophes but I have to use HTML to set the text right. Maybe I'm goofing something up that way. Hmmm

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